I was 10 years old when Queen became my favorite band. Many posters/records in my bedroom, bamboo stick with microphone tied to it, pretending to be Freddie. Queen never left me throughout my life.

When I was 13 I started practicing bassguitar and played all kinds of popular music. Then, at the age of 16, I became more interested in funk, disco and soul, which together with Queen music gradually turned me to jazz. Queen is a lot of jazz! At the age of 17 I also picked up the double bass, studied music at the Conservatory in Arnhem and played mainly professional jazz ever since.

For me it’s an immense pleasure to perform in Queen Must Go On. Like I started my second childhood. Also due to my Queen-freaked band members and the Queen-music. And especially to honor the great bass player John Deacon. His playing was very subtile and powerful, serving rhythm, melodie and bandsound also with his lower and higher playing registers. I'll do my best to play his work live for you! I enjoy working on the songs.

I never stopped playing and teaching bassguitar and double bass in pop and jazz related styles. I'am a well-known bassguitar, double bass and music improvisation teacher with my own private (Skype) bass-school in Nijmegen, Holland. In june 2020 two of my students were allowed at conservatory Arnhem, Holland.

Queen Must Go On is from left to right: Erwin van Welie-drums/vocals, Wiro Mahieu-bass, Ward Palmen-vocals and Ralph Derksen - guitar.

See you at the gig!

Wiro Mahieu